Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few from September...

September flicks! The first wraps around a corner and was supposed to be a quick prody with braddah Shaka from my 24K fam, but we ended up with little time and very different colors. Still came out cherreh tho!

The second piece was painted with Hert, Halo, Shaka, Skarz, and Tumy. Photo thanks to http://www.23hq.com/minkus

The last two flicks are of a quick prody with Skarz in which we ran into a few other writers (not mentioning any names). Originally, we had a "bomberman" theme that (I thought) was turning out ill as fuck... but we ran out of sunlight so we buffed it instead of leaving it half-ass... Big ups to that Skarz piece! Notice the color-changing outline... Shit is hella tuff!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


So here it is... My day to day scoops of a Hawaii graffiti artist. I think I'll start with an quick introduction. The name's Months and I rep the AF and 24K crews. I've had the pleasure of painting with some the greatest Hawaii writers such as Soker, Float, Skarz, Klober, Ketol, Tumy, Phobia, Halo, Hert, Shaka, Beak03, Havik, Tonk, Maek, Spyer, Censr, and Anser. I've also been lucky enough to travel on painting excursions to places such as San Francisco, Guam, Japan, and various outer islands of Hawaii, painting with writers such as Doper (SF) and Tier (GU). I acquired the alias "Months" in July of 2007 coming from a long list of other names. I chose the name because it allows me to get creative with different themes (monthly), and helps my letter structure to strengthen by giving me a different letter combination with every name of each month (i.e. - January, February, March, etc.). The idea of writing a changing name came from no other than my good buddy Censr. Writing the name "Months" was actually a joke at first, being that it sounded quite corny and seemed like a hard concept to keep up with. It took me quite a while to accept the new alias, but little did I know how easily it would later creep its way into my very own soul. Anyways, enjoy the blog! Whether anyone reads it or not.... IT AINT NOTHING SERIOUS!