Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sorry for Slackin!

Sorry for the lack of posts... I didn't realize anybody read my shit until people started asking me why I've been so lazy... Anywho, here's some flicks of shit that went down while I've been away from my computer... peace.

What a craaaaazy day! No lights on the whole island for 12 hours = madness!

Shottys to ma homie EKUNDAYO from Cali! Ran into him down at the mall the other day to find out that he's having a small show out here. Dude's art is ill! Here's some behind the scenes pics of his painting in the lovely ladies shop, Exclusive... I'll be sure to post more flicks of this finished piece as well as more of his art later...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bye Bye '08!

Shouts to my homie (you know who you are) who let me sneak in a quick December piece before the year ended! Wish I had time to paint more during December, but Christmas season is always a busy season!!! Boo to the rain!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This week was pretty eye-opening... There wasn't a day where I didn't see a new bomb on the streets! Visiting us here in the islands, SIVA came through to drop some heavy bizness! Blessing walls night and day, this nigga is a true ANIMAL. As I promised in the post below, here's some shit SIVA did while he was out here... Damn, this TYRANT holds it down for the AF fam!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AF Prody!

Linked up with AF brother SIVA today who's visiting from Utah. This guys a beast! I think I'll post a few flicks of some of the craziness he's blessed Hawaii with while he's been down here... Anyways, after I picked him up, we managed to catch up with Block and Ketol to work out some funk at a spot. Got a little AF prody goin as soon as we got passed all the minor setbacks (long story)... Halfway through, Halo, Hert, and Shaka rolled by to try and cook up something of their own. Came across a lot of dope shit at the spot, including some freshness by Katch, Skew, Sufer, Toro, Kiros, and Deter. Saw some other crazy things like dragonflies fighting and copters circling. Annnd, if I recall correctly, a few of the homies (not mentioning names) happened to eat shit on some slippery moss... lol. What a beautiful day.